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The Stamps, Coins, Medals & Metal Detecting Directory

Coins, Medals and Metal Detectors UK Directory.If you would like to advertise your company on the site then please contact one of our sales team who can talk you through the many options that we have for the further promotion of your services - please call 01582 488385.  In this directory you will find all the companies associated with coins, medals and metal detecting, including coin & medal auctioneers & dealers and companies that sell metal detectors, in addition to medal mounters, metalworks, militaria, naval, military & war - commemoratives / medals, silver plating / silversmiths and valuers.  Click on the relevant classified heading below.  News Metal Detector enthusiasts have discovered boxes of gold in fields in Staffordshire.  A treasure trove of gold in Staffs.  It is now being checked as to whether these are owned by the crown.

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silver plating / silversmith (6)   stamps / stamp dealers / approvals (17)
trophies, medals & rosettes (2)   valuers (8)


Metal Detecting & Metal Detectors. Whether you are using your metal detector for metal detecting treasure, coins, gold or even medals you should consider the variety of metal detector makes, including the Garrett detector, whites metal detector, fisher detector, Viking metal detector bounty hunter detectors, but of course not limited to these makes.  As a newcomer to this hobby you should also consider joining a metal detecting club or even detecting clubs.  There are numerous metal detecting sites and parks in the UK, But there again like many you might consider using your metal detector on the beach.  You may even consider underwater metal detectors. 

Coins & Medals

Coins & Medals. This directory has all kinds of companies associated with coins & medals, as well as militaria.  This directory has an extensive number of companies both collectors and dealers such as gold coin dealers, Canadian coin collector, sovereign coin dealers, American coin dealers, silver coin dealers, antique coin dealers, old coin collectors, rare coin collectors and rare coin collections, war medal dealers, British medal dealers, medal collectors and medal collections. 

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